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About Us FunPhysics LLC was founded by Marc Church, an experienced engineer who has supported NASA missions such as the Space Shuttle, Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, MAVEN Mars Orbiter, and InSight Mars lander over the last sixteen years. Our mission is to enhance (STEM) Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math education through play!

We are a family of Parent Engineers who believe that toys need to invoke curiosity, creativity, and the understanding of the magic (science) in our natural world. In doing so, we spark imaginations and excite children to explore, learn, and discover. They begin to ask Why? and with further knowledge and education Why Not? 10% of sales from FunPhysics LLC will support teachers, schools and STEM through

FunPhysics LLC is an ecommerce STEM toy store based out of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. To achieve our mission, we strive to offer you the best toys and science activity kits that promote STEM learning. We firmly believe that the Arts are to be included in with STEM so we like to promote the STEAM model. The Arts provide an outlet for creativity to our kids in their various forms. The combination of technical and artistic have given us architects, designers, sculptures, inventors, and much, much more!

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